Come an gather round friends
And I’ll tell ya a tale
Of when the red iron ore pits ran a-plenty
But the cardboard filled windows
And old men on the benches
Tell you now that the whole town is empty

In the north end of town
My own children are grown
Well I was raised on the other
In the wee hours of youth
My mother took sick
And I was brought up by my brother

The iron ore poured
As the years passed the door
The drag lines and the shovels they was a-hummin‘
Til one day my brother
Failed to come home
The same as my father before him

 Bob Dylan Newport, 1963

New Learning Solutions

Seit über 20 Jahren mehrsprachige Produktionen von Sprecher-Audios für verschiedene Web Based Trainings Linien der DB Training New Learning Solutions zur Aus- und Fortbildung im Bahnbetrieb für DB Cargo, DB Netz und Schenker zu Themen wie Mitteleinsatz, Wagenmeister, Brandschutz oder FITKälte sowie in anderen Bereichen, wie z.B. ITSM, KAPA, Change Management, diversen Lernpräsentationen und der DB Lernwelt.